On-Demand Webinar

APAC | Displacing Manual Processes & Controls to Support Finance Teams in Mobile Payments Industry

Recent global events have challenged companies in unprecedented ways, forcing them to reconsider how they work.

However, we believe that expanding your organisation’s portfolio and capturing a large share of wallet is still top of mind – this may include transitioning from a payment channel to providing more sophisticated service such as microlending, insurance, and loyalty services.

Mobile payments are also fast displacing cash as the preferred means of settling transactions, this coupled with government initiatives such as “Go Cashless” in Singapore and e-Tunai in Malaysia, we are seeing an encouraging growth in this industry.

As such, manual processes and controls around revenue and payment is now becoming one of the most critical accounting challenges for companies, where devoting additional resources is no longer sustainable.

In this webinar, we will share with you how we had managed to address challenges faced by e-Wallet/Payment companies and had successfully help automate large volume of previously manual work to allow finance teams to:

  • Shift focus from reconciling to analyzing exceptions

  • Provide meaningful information to the business in a timely fashion – such as open items and aging

  • Faster and painless audit as information are stored in a single repository

  • Absorb additional month-end tasks or focus on more strategic initiatives

  • Strategically plan for their organisation’s expansion

The Future of Accounting Is Here