Digital Record-to-Report: The Pressing Case for Transformative Change

Outdated systems, manual processes, and misaligned data are barriers to delivering meaningful insights to the business. A holistic record-to-report (RTR) approach and comprehensive updates must be made to enable Accounting and Finance to play a more proactive role in meeting regulatory and operational needs over the next five years.

Today's businesses need to make decisions based on real-time numbers, sourced from robust, agile systems that can rapidly respond to business needs. The pressure is also growing on controllers to increase efficiency--doing more with less and scaling to support multiple internal and external stakeholders. Incremental change can't keep up. It's time for a new, more holistic model.

Join BlackLine and EY LLP as we share a new model for reimagining and updating digital RTR, with featured guest Ashley Nayden, Alcoa's Director of Finance, Global Shared Services, who will be sharing Alcoa's digital RTR journey.
We'll cover how to:

  • Make a case for holistic change: high- vs. low-performing organizations

  • Implement an end-to-end automated RTR process that significantly reduces manual work

  • Provide financial and non-financial information, including Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) metrics

The Future of Accounting Is Here