Controllers Council: Rising to the Top of the CFO’s Agenda: Cash and Profit—the Real Value of AR

How do the changing behaviors of customers impact revenue, cashflow, and profitability?

Accounting and finance leaders are playing an increasingly important role in driving change within their organizations. From ensuring balance sheet integrity to balance sheet optimization, CFOs and controllers are no longer relegated to tasks that are aimed at ‘keeping the lights on.’ More and more, they must be chief value extractors, driving sustainable business growth through technological innovation, improved governance, business intelligence, and investment returns.

In this webinar, discover how A&F leaders can rise to the challenge while ensuring the financial health of the organization and laying the foundation for working capital excellence.

We will discover how accounts receivable teams are:

  • Impacting key financial statements positively in challenging times

  • Releasing cash faster to improve operational finance and providing cash for strategic investment reducing the need for external investments

  • Using a wealth of customer behavior data to improve decision making and drive performance in cash flow and forecasting, profitability, and revenue

The Future of Accounting Is Here