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CFO Webinar: How Finance Leaders Improve Expertise and Efficiency with AI

At the same time companies are looking to lower costs by automating routine tasks, CFOs aim to raise the value of the finance function by emphasizing the expertise finance teams can contribute, especially with analysis and planning.
Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI), finance leaders need not sacrifice expertise when employing automation. 
Many finance leaders are aware that with the assistance of AI, they can improve the accuracy and efficiency of repetitive processes, such as journal entries. Besides automating – and, as a result, reducing the amount of time finance teams dedicate to – routine tasks that require little or no human judgment, AI can also better inform finance teams when they do apply their judgment. Because AI recognizes trends and patterns far more quickly than people can by themselves, AI can help CFOs and the finance teams they lead improve their understanding of how to plan for the future. 
By watching this on-demand webinar, you will learn: * Why AI is emerging as a top priority for finance leaders,

  • Which types of processes finance leaders can improve using AI, and

  • How AI is redefining the role of the finance function, as well as the skills finance leaders will require finance teams to develop as the decade progresses.

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