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CFO: How Finance Leaders Overcome the Top Intercompany Accounting Challenges

As companies face growing scrutiny over intercompany transactions, finance leaders are seeking new ways, including the latest technological advances, to improve both clarity and transparency.

But finance leaders, especially at companies with global subsidiaries or recent acquisitions, are likely to encounter significant obstacles to maintaining uniform accounting processes and gaining visibility into these processes.

During this Webcast, we’ll highlight the top intercompany accounting challenges and best practices for overcoming them, including how to:

  • Establish a uniform procedure for recording and reconciling intercompany transactions

  • Mitigate discrepancies in how multiple entities determine transfer pricing

  • Improve accuracy and visibility when accounting for currency translations

  • Stay up to date on the latest international tax regulations, including regulations that concern base erosion and profit shifting

  • Ensure intercompany legal agreements comply with both federal and international financial regulations

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