BlackLine & Oracle: Close Faster & More Effectively

The disruption of the past year has brought new and unanticipated challenges for Accounting and Finance. But you and your teams have proven that you can pivot quickly, work from anywhere, and provide critical insights to drive your organization’s evolution and growth.

As companies continue to prioritize digital transformation, Accounting and Finance are in a unique position to lead these initiatives.

Join BlackLine and leading companies Advance Auto Parts and Intercontinental Exchange to learn how you can drive A&F innovation and jumpstart your transformation with Oracle and BlackLine.

In this session, BlackLine’s chief transformation officer Tammy Coley and our customer panel shares:

  • Practical ways BlackLine complements your Oracle ERP and system landscape to accelerate the move to modern accounting

  • Opportunities to deliver rapid wins and meaningful results with use cases around foundational accounting processes

  • Advice on how to develop a plan to help your A&F team adapt to ongoing change

The Future of Accounting Is Here