Beyond Automation: A CFO's Guide to Continuous Improvement of Finance Processes

At the start of 2021, many finance leaders have learned how to exercise extraordinary discipline as their companies deploy far-flung resources to perform routine yet essential processes such as closing the books. Finance leaders have also learned how to determine which tasks lend themselves best to automation, as well as how to apply automation to reduce the amount of time and resources finance teams require to complete these tasks.

But although automation can accelerate the execution of tasks, it cannot fix processes that are flawed to begin with. By attending this webinar, you will learn how finance leaders can identify opportunities to improve core finance processes before automating them. We will discuss:

  • Why reliance on automation alone reinforces rather than redresses underlying issues with finance processes

  • How recent technological developments enable finance leaders to eliminate informational silos and operational bottlenecks that undermine effective automation

  • How to apply advances in technology in conjunction with best practices in continuous improvement to determine which core finance processes are most likely to benefit from automation

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