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Banking on Automation: How Financial Institutions Are Cashing In

Banks and credit unions are challenged more than ever by the balancing act of driving profitability and minimizing risk. Accounting is critical to success, yet it’s often mired in transactional work — making it difficult to gain the transparency and controls needed for greater agility in a highly competitive industry.

Join this webinar with Brook Serafino, Controller at Chevron Federal Credit Union, to learn how they’ve automated their costly manual processes, improved real-time visibility and accelerated the financial close to open new time for strategic analytics.

You’ll hear first-hand about Chevron’s success, view a live demo of BlackLine Account Reconciliations, and learn how you can:

  • Automate manual processes and save time for in-depth analysis

  • Address critical functionality gaps in your ERP system

  • Mitigate risk and produce a single version of the truth

The Future of Accounting Is Here