AR Automation Afternoon Update

In this session, learn how your organization can directly impact cash flow by harnessing AI to improve decision-making.

Why is this so critical? The management of the accounts receivable process directly impacts the availability of cash, which is crucial to the wellbeing and growth of every organization and can affect all teams.

Find out more about BlackLine’s newest solution, AR Intelligence, and get control back into your AR function.

Register for an engaging 45-minute session and learn why the best decisions are driven by data, not guesswork. You’ll also:

  • See how accurate and efficient data presentation leads to improved decisions

  • Gain visibility and control to meet your KPIs year after year

  • Learn how to empower teams to make smarter finance decisions on the fly

  • Ask new questions of the AR data that provides greater intelligence on your customers

“With Cash Application, all parts of the process—application rates, turnaround time, unapplied cash, and team performance—are monitored and measurable. When we see an area for improvement, we can identify exactly what needs to be done and predict how the customer will benefit.” Director I2C, Service Delivery EU and Global Process Owner, Brambles

Want to fast-track unlocking more cash? Then visualize the ROI from BlackLine Cash Application with our smart ROI calculator and receive your free personalized report in under five minutes!

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