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APAC | Navigating a virtual close in these uncertain times (ANZ)

In 2020 we have seen the biggest economic disruption for decades. This has left many finance functions wishing they had done more digital transformation before this year, and are not best placed to undertake anything major now. Needing to adapt to different ways of working, virtually closing and looking for opportunities to automate has been front and center of the minds of many finance and IT professionals alike. 
Reducing the volume of repeatable manual tasks that could be automated delivers more than just one time benefit, implementing solutions providing that capability can be rapid and cost effective. Re-imagine your job, your team and your outcomes for finance through this webinar where experts from BlackLine, Deloitte and SAP discuss:

  • How technology and deployment of new capabilities has, and is changing to support different business strategies in the new world of 2020

  • How customers have navigated the need to close in a virtual setting and use those learnings to focus on adoption of further improvements

  • How partners are responding to changing implementation and outcome needs to deliver improvements more effectively

After this webinar we hope you will be inspired to plan your next steps to a more compelling tomorrow!

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