On-Demand Webinar

APAC | Navigating a Virtual Close in these Uncertain Times (India)

Recent global events have challenged companies in unprecedented ways, forcing them to reconsider how they work, and accounting teams must quickly adapt to closing the books with a distributed workforce.

Furthermore, in many accounting and finance departments, manual work is a normal part of the day-to-day responsibilities: updating recs and checklists, manually copying and pasting data into the following month, and then updating it for the quarter-end close.

These tasks are tedious and significantly slow down the close, especially now that we’re navigating our month and quarter-end close with a distributed workforce. The good news is that working this way is no longer the only option for finance professionals.

Join us for this webinar session where we bring together experts from BlackLine, Deloitte and SAP to discuss:

  • The different perspectives on how companies are navigating a virtual close in these uncertain times

  • Ways and strategies that will help your business in overcoming this new normal

  • How you can plan for organisation’s transformation vision and journey

The Future of Accounting Is Here