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APAC - Financial Close Excellence I BlackLine & SAP Transaction Matching

For the third webinar in our Financial Close Excellence webinar series with SAP, we’re focusing on High-Volume Transaction Matching.

Throughout the month and during the period-end close, accountants spend a disproportionate amount of time reconciling, or matching, data between sources. Whether for bank, order-to-cash, payroll, or other business processes, these transaction matching exercises are critical to compliance.

Exceptions and adjustments need to be identified and recorded, but manual, spreadsheet-based processes add risk and consume valuable resources. Most organisations have dozens of transaction matching use cases with growing data volumes, and technology is key to managing it all.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Common pain points and use cases associated with reconciling high volumes of transactions
  • How SAP solution extensions by BlackLine reduce risk and manual effort
  • Impactful outcome of automating transaction reconciliations

The Financial Close Excellence webinar series explores the aspects of the Financial Close that are most ripe for transformation. We’ll highlight best practices and introduce the SAP solutions by BlackLine that enable excellence, including;

  • Balance Sheet Substantiation
  • Journal Entry Processing
  • High-volume Transaction Matching
  • Intercompany Accounting