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APAC I CFO: How Finance Leaders Improve Audits Through Automation

Whether managing their internal audit teams or working with external auditors, many companies have sought greater efficiency from the audit function without sacrificing compliance.

But recent technological advances are now enabling companies to improve both compliance with, and the efficiency of, internal and external audits. The application of automation to audits is emerging as a top priority for finance leaders, whose roles continue to evolve from enabling their companies to demonstrate compliance with specific regulatory requirements to maintaining standards of accuracy and transparency whenever their companies communicate financial information.

During this Webcast, we will reveal what finance leaders need to know about automating audits, including:

  • Why finance leaders, in collaboration with internal audit teams and external auditors, are establishing stewardship of processes for validating and disseminating financial information,

  • Which aspects of internal and external audits make the most sense to automate, and

  • Technological advances that enable finance leaders to accelerate compliance with audits and ensure the trustworthiness of the information finance leaders convey.

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