On-Demand Webinar

An Accounting Department CFO’s Dream Of! Uncover the Modern Accounting Revolution

How do you ensure your company stays on the leading edge?

The modern business environment is more demanding than ever on Accounting. Increasingly complex value chains, and greater scrutiny from auditors and regulators has caused organizations to treat their internal business with as much rigor and control as they treat their external business. Traditional, manual intercompany accounting practices are likely to cause increased costs and risk, distracting the business from performing at its best.

There has never been a better time to recalibrate your finance function. As the world re-emerges from the recent pandemic, companies are looking to reorganize their structure to become more sustainable, agile, and insightful. With this in mind, accounting and finance experts at BlackLine have put together a webinar especially for SSON members to tackle this key challenge.

Join this webinar to:

  • Understand how SSO leaders are revolutionizing company accounting

  • Pinpoint (and solve) the challenges within your intercompany finance processes

  • Build an agile accounting process that can provide results in the short-term whilst being sustainable for the long term

  • Uncover quick wins to save costs, increase productivity, and decrease risk

The Future of Accounting Is Here