On-Demand Webinar

Accelerate Change & Maintain Balance

Meet with Jamil Qureshi and the Strategic Innovation team to take the next step on your Modern Accounting Journey

This session is hosted by Jamil Qureshi, one of today’s foremost practitioners of performance enhancing psychology and an expert in high performing teams.

Jamil worked with the European Ryder Cup team that won by a record margin in 2006. He has also worked with three English Premiership football clubs, two Formula 1 racing drivers (David Coulthard and Eddie Irvine), the 2009 England Ashes winning cricketers as well as leadership teams such as Coca Cola, HP, Emirates, Serco, M&S, RBS, and Lloyds Bank.

Jamil offers an insightful and entertaining approach to how you can create positive change through different outlooks. Register now to land learn how Jamil believes you can create a culture and team dynamic for success.

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The Future of Accounting Is Here