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Speed up your clients' close and increase accuracy, automation, and consistency when you integrate your ERP with BlackLine

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The ERP is an indispensable tool in your clients’ financial strategy, from coordinating myriad accounting processes to ensuring compliance, tracking the bottom line to reporting to stakeholders. Despite the power of ERP systems, there are still functionality gaps in core financial processes—gaps that consume valuable time and increase the risk of errors.

Increase accuracy, automation, and consistency when you integrate their ERP with BlackLine.

At its core, an ERP system is designed to verify complex transactional information, not validate it. While it can automate many accounting processes, it was never designed to handle everything, especially when it comes to the financial close. These challenges only multiply when your clients operate multiple different ERPs, as end-users wrestle with consistency and understanding across disparate financial systems. Additionally, ensuring data compatibility and integration between multiple systems only increases the potential for error. An ERP is an important part of ensuring a fast, error-free close, which is critical to your clients’ compliance record, bottom line, and reputation. While some systems can help with specific segments of the financial close and are indisputably critical to back office finance management, the ERP can’t do it all.

The Solution

BlackLine plugs gaps in finance and accounting by automating transaction matching, account reconciliations, and intercompany transactions and improves the workflow and visibility of tasks during the entire close.

The Results

Real-time visibility into the status and accuracy of your close, streamlined workflow and task management, and a reduced burden on already strapped accounting and IT resources.