BlackLine acquires BlackLine

AI-Powered automation for accounts receivable

Free Support and Resources for Customers

BlackLine is providing free support and resources to help customers close with confidence in this time of uncertainty.

To alleviate some of the challenges of completing your close with a remote workforce, Task Management and Reporting are now available free of charge until October 15, 2020 for all BlackLine customers who are not already licensing these products.

Task Management

BlackLine Task Management can provide real time visibility that your distributed workforce needs.

  • Preparers and approvers can get scheduled alerts as determined by management to ensure your close stays on track without the need for emails or phone calls
  • Create a certification workflow for tasks that require multiple levels of review so employees can ensure their responsibilities are met
  • Enable hierarchies and dependencies for assignments so employees across multiple departments can accomplish them in the correct order


BlackLine Reporting will allow you to gain visibility into the preparation, approval, and review of your reconciliations in a distributed close environment.

  • Allows your executive team to schedule predefined reports so they can track the progress of a decentralized close
  • Get real-time insight into your account data to make any adjustments you need and analyze results
  • Manage the close remotely to make sure required adjustments are posted in the correct period and get reports on timing, status, and quality

Fill out the form for your free access to Task Management and/or Reporting, and your account manager will follow up shortly.

Build confidence in uncertain times.