Getting Smart with Robotics in SAP

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is not the technology of the future… it’s the technology of today

For most teams, closing tasks, approvals, activities, and controls checklists are tracked by spreadsheets, emails, word of mouth, or buried documents. This adds complexity to accounting processes, along with heightened risk.

It’s time to leave those manual processes behind.

RPA can help your organization achieve an automated, simplified, and standardized financial close.

On July 25th, learn how a leading energy and utility company embedded RPA directly into their SAP environment to automate SAP activities with Smart Close.

Register for this webinar and hear firsthand how to:

  • Automate job scheduling, execution, and monitoring of close tasks
  • Standardize your closing process across multiple systems, globally
  • Easily incorporate and manage your internal controls