Curing the Chronic Headaches of Close and Reconciliation

In today’s fast moving modern business world, manual accounting processes are a headache that can escalate into migraine territory during the financial close. Too much time is required to execute these tedious tasks, and limited controls increase the risk of error.

In many organizations there is no centralized repository for audits, reconciliations, and other common processes that involve compiling data and documentation from different sources. All too often, disparate software tools are used to optimize these processes - but these tools may or may not share results easily.

In a 2017 survey of financial executives, Gatepoint Research dug into the pains of month-end close and reconciliation processes.

Join this webinar to learn the results of this research study including:

    • The toughest challenges teams face during the financial close
    • Which processes are the most time and labor intensive
    • The most effective changes you can make to the financial close process

If you’re still struggling with the same headaches month after month, we have great news: there’s a pill for that!

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