Finance Innovation Week



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Efficiently Achieving Sustainable Compliance

Software designed to manage compliance can provide strong controls that meet the demands of SOX. In addition to improving accounting department efficiency, software can lower the risk of non-compliance, streamline SOX processes, and reduce costs. Join BlackLine and Ventana Research to explore how to simplify, standardize, and centralize processes to minimize complexity and promote more consistent and effective compliance.


Show Those Bots Who's Boss

Most of us recognize that automation is creating huge shifts in what we do both personally and professionally. Join Vaco, as they discuss some of the changes Finance and Accounting organizations are facing and how we can use these changes to shift the value we add to the organization. Let's work with automation and bots, not against them!


Upskill Your Finance Organization with Middle Layer Technology

In this session, learn how incorporating middle layer technologies into a company's digital finance strategy removes inefficiencies within the ERP system and provides better insight into existing data.


Driving Agility Through Intelligent Finance Transformation

The Office of the CFO is expected to play a leading role in accelerating strategic growth across the enterprise. Join BlackLine and SAP to learn what intelligent finance transformation means in today’s landscape. See how CFOs are leveraging technology to strengthen collaboration, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.


Grow. Control. Optimize. Control & Compliance for High-Growth Companies

Are you unsure if your control environment is sufficiently robust to support your company’s growth and changing business? In this session, we will provide considerations for high growth and/or pre-IPO companies, to keep top of mind as they establish, improve or fine-tune their operation and control environments and discuss how automation can help in the process.