Improving Accuracy and Visibility of the Close Process in Less Time

Michael Shultz, manager, financial reporting and his team were aware of several software platforms designed to streamline and automate their entire reconciliation process. Yet they knew that any new solution had to be accessible around the clock to team members, regardless of location or time zone. Having a solution that was cloud-based was key, as was ensuring the solution worked seamlessly with their existing SAP ERP. “We decided to look for a solution. The solution we found was BlackLine,” said Shultz.

TTX implemented Account Reconciliations and Task Management, part of BlackLine’s complete finance controls and automation platform. With BlackLine, TTX can automate the most complex and repetitive tasks in finance and accounting. While a tremendous time saver—users on average shorten reconciliation time by 50-80%—the solution also greatly improves accuracy and visibility across the entire close process, including managing tasks down to the individual level.



United States




Ensured complete accuracy and completion of reconciliations in less time, increased visibility of task completion and ownership, ensured continuity and prepared for the transfer of tasks in anticipation of Baby Boomer retirements.

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