Are You a Sales Rockstar?

With only 3% penetration, the opportunity is endless

You’ve met or crushed your numbers every quarter. But to stay on top of the charts, you need to write some new hits. Do it at a company that’s on the fast growth track and defines the cutting edge category of Modern Finance. This isn’t some updated legacy software, it’s software that’s becoming mission critical in the rapidly changing world of finance automation. And with only 3% penetration in the vast global market, the opportunity is wide open to enhance your Sales Rockstar status.





Sales Executive (Singapore) — 12247
Singapore, SGP

Therese Tucker, CEO of BlackLine, talks Modern Finance

"I saw BlackLine as a rising star in the Los Angeles tech community and wanted to be part of the team. I sold hardware in the past and knew SaaS offerings like BlackLine were the future. The company sets its employees up to win; as a result, I’ve succeeded in advancing my career with a winning team."

- Russell Mullin, Mid-Market Sales Manager