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“BlackLine allows us to add more analytics and creativity into what we’re doing on a day-to-day basis. It frees your time and your mind to see how you can provide more value to the company.”

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BlackLine is the ERP-Agnostic Enhanced Finance and Controls Automation Platform

Why BlackLine

The push toward a more efficient, automated reconciliation process started and was spearheaded by employees who had used BlackLine at previous organizations. “When I came on board and looked at the reconciliation process, I noticed it could use some improvement,” said Daisy Pitre, director, consolidations, at Nasdaq. “I had been part of the BlackLine implementation team at another company, so I knew there was a better way to do it.”

According to Denise Zerega, managing director, global consolidations, at Nasdaq, “Daisy had so much knowledge of the product that it seemed like a no-brainer from our end. We took ownership and pushed it forward.”

The team reserved three months for implementation, rolling out the system across both US and non-US offices. Stated Mike Galus, vice president, finance and accounting, at Nasdaq, “It’s a testament to BlackLine that we rolled out a fairly significant improvement across our company with a very light touch. It was not a very difficult implementation to put in place. This is certainly an added benefit to any potential user who is thinking it’s going to be difficult to switch over. We found it not very difficult at all.”

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Business Impact

Improved accuracy, implemented standards across the entire organization, enhanced visibility and transparency, supported new acquisitions, freed staff to focus on analytics and discrepancies.

Streamlining Reconciliations and New Acquisitions for a Global Powerhouse