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Manager, Business Development - 12933

Singapore, Singapore


Job Summary

The Manager of Business Development will oversee all activities of an internal team of BlackLine’s Business Development Reps, specifically supporting the Inbound BDR team. This consists of managing inbound prospect activity, which entails qualifying inquiries from various lead sources including all marketing campaigns, website programs, call-ins, emails, conferences, and other channels. The Manager will ensure that BDR’s are well-equipped to analyze each prospect’s needs and create a strong business case to underscore the value & ROI of our software solutions.  In addition to managing the Inbound team, this position will be responsible for the administration of Outreach, the current Sales Engagement platform.  This consists of creating best practices for integrations through triggers with existing systems, content through Sequences and Templates, creating overall standardization and best practices, while working cross functionally to complete these objectives. This position reports to the Manager, Global Business Development Operations and will support the Inbound BDRs in the development of sales qualified meetings (SQMs) and tracking lead hand-offs to close deals.



Roles and Responsibility  

  • Manage the day-to-day activities, priorities, and performance of the internal Inbound BDR team.
  • Work with BDRs, other BDR Managers, and Demand Generation to ensure all inbound leads and activities are followed up within the prescribed SLAs
  • Ensure BDRs are prepared to: qualify and develop marketing generated inbound leads; work with prospects to thoroughly understand their needs and align their needs with our solution; actively understand our technology, solutions, and industry trends in order to effectively communicate the value proposition and ROI of our solution; ensure proper follow-up and handoffs of prospects under our current Rules of Engagement; handle software capability and other questions in the pre-sales or business development process; and, after qualifying a prospect, ensure appointments are properly coordinated with the appropriate Sales Representatives for follow up.
  • Functions as a “Player/Coach” as both a leader and doer, providing position leadership and insights, supporting corporate strategic objectives, as well as being a ‘hands-on’ member of the staff.
  • Listen in on BDR calls on a weekly/daily basis to provide coaching and feedback and to document best practices across the team
  • Review BDR emails on a weekly/daily basis to provide feedback and to document best practices across the team
  • Thoroughly understand our technology, solutions, and industry trends to effectively train/mentor the BDR team.
  • Assist in recruiting and training new BDRs.
  • Help create and execute any additional BDR training programs as needed.
  • Work with the Manager, Global Business Development Operations to establish and optimize processes, workflows, handoffs, and tracking of lead generation, lead development, and sales activities.
  • Track key metrics for evaluating BDR performance on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.
  • Ensure accurate tracking of communications with potential customers in by BDRs and other reps.
  • Provide weekly accurate SAL and SQM (Sales Qualified Meeting) forecasts to the Manager, Global Business Development Operations
  • Meet monthly and quarterly qualified leads and revenue objectives for the BDR team.
  • Strategize and plan BDR calling activity to align with email and other marketing campaigns to generate new sales leads.
  • Participate in marketing campaign strategy and planning meetings to help design new lead generation campaigns that maximize overall results.
  • Develop Outreach best practices around onboarding, content management, A/B testing, and increased utilization of automation with the end goal of following up on inbound leads in a more timely/complete manner
  • Work cross functionally with other teams to document processes, update/maintain email content and talk tracks, and integrate Outreach usage with broader marketing campaigns based on established best practices
  • Help to develop and maintain a team culture that is in line with BlackLine’s core values of Think, Create, Serve
  • Coordinate and establish a feedback loop between the BDRs, BDR Management, and other cross functional teams


Required Qualifications

Years of Experience in Related Field: 3

Education: Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university

Technical/Specialized Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Have experience with Outreach and Salesforce
  • Have a high level of energy, drive, enthusiasm, initiative, commitment and professionalism.
  • Must have an aptitude for leadership and be able to guide and motivate employees.
  • Must be competitive and focused on achieving goals.
  • Be a self-starter with solid organizational and planning skills.
  • Must be open minded and have a willingness to learn.
  • Must be highly motivated and outgoing with excellent inter-personal skills.

Manager, Business Development - 12933

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