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Customer Success Intern - 12795

Woodland Hills, United States

The Customer Success Intern will optimize and scale Customer Success resources used to help more customers reach BlackLine nirvana. Working closely with Customer Success Managers, you will learn and then drive innovation of portions of our Customer Success program strategy, including the activities, resources, and relationships necessary to optimize customers’ adoption of subscribed licenses and products, prevent attrition and churn, and continually enhance customer health and satisfaction.


  • Show passion for BlackLine application and desire to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Projects to optimize and scale Customer Success Resources may include
    • Compile and create a restructured Product Knowledge and Coaching Use Case Library. To include learning and understanding the use case (13th period issues, auto-certification sequences, creative use of templates, etc.), creating a clear write-up, and finding an innovative way for information to be readily accessible in SharePoint.
    • Develop resources for Customer Success workshops to help customers solve challenges with specific BlackLine functionality. Learn how a product or feature works, create directions for how to explain the product or feature to a customer (workshop script), and update existing collateral (workshop PPT and materials) with compelling content to be delivered for an online workshop.
    • Collaborate on defining and standardizing data used to report CSM activities to our managers and senior executives. Ensure visibility of this data across team, whether in dashboards or reports.
    • Find solutions for scalable resources to support and engage a portfolio of customers. Assess our customers commonly asked questions, create standardized answers, and systematize the process. Develop an annual schedule of customer best practice tips sent weekly that could be automated.  Define program for annual metric emails and follow up sequence.
  • Other duties as assigned

You must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate in Spring 2021 with coursework or experience in accounting.


Customer Success Intern - 12795 ,

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