Welcome to the Future of Finance


Last year in Chicago BlackLine introduced a new vision for the accounting and finance profession. It’s called Modern Finance, and it’s changing business - your business - in ways that might not have seemed possible a few years ago.

This first issue of our new customer magazine is dedicated to telling you more about Modern Finance and how it’s working for people at all levels of finance; for accountants, controllers, auditors, CFOs and others.

You’ll hear how two CFOs are approaching Modern Finance; how some BlackLine customers are deriving the benefits of transparency and standardization; and how companies can work with the new COSO framework in mapping financial controls and upgrading test procedures.

You’ll also learn, in our cover feature, how Modern Finance is making use of newer technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data and analytics to bring the benefits of process improvement and better-informed financial strategies to all types of organizations.

Finally, you’ll learn something about you: specifically, how customers come together with employees at each year’s User Conference to volunteer arms, legs and hearts in helping out those less fortunate than ourselves.

We hope and anticipate you’ll find something in here of value to you, your organization and your understanding of how Modern Finance can work to make your life better, today and in the future.