Life at BlackLine with Namrata Sastry

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After finishing grad school in Finance, along with several internships and contract roles as a Financial Analyst, Namrata was looking for more out of her career. By happenstance, she was contacted by a recruiter at BlackLine for a role in Business Development.

Namrata had just endured a few painful month-end closes, and BlackLine’s story really resonated with her. The Business Development team was fun and friendly, and she could see herself building a career at BlackLine, so she jumped at the opportunity.  

She’s since been promoted to the Product Management team as an Associate Product Manager, and we sat down with Namrata to talk about her BlackLine journey so far.  

BlackLine Magazine: Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m originally from Bangalore, India. I grew up in New Jersey and Maryland, moved back to Bangalore, then moved to Los Angeles five years ago.

My hobbies include all things music, home décor, and true crime. I trained in the South Indian classical style of vocals for nine years, and love singing in any language I know!

BlackLine Magazine: What do you love most about BlackLine?

People at BlackLine are so kind, smart, and genuinely passionate about their work.

BlackLine Magazine: What do you love most about your role?

Product Management is such a dynamic function. In a year’s time, I’ve grown to really enjoy having the ability to flex many muscles in any given day—accounting and finance, user experience and research, operations and tech—all to make an impact on the product for our customers.

BlackLine Magazine: What does your average day look like?

My day is filled with interactions with different groups at BlackLine. I work with our development team to execute on upcoming product features and assist with critical customer incidents.

I work with Support, Implementations, and other Customer teams on Journals product queries, while also conducting customer research and prioritization of enhancements to the product.

BlackLine Magazine: How would you describe BlackLine’s culture?

People at BlackLine work hard and are genuinely very kind and helpful. They also really know how to have fun!

In the office, all the fun amenities and never-ending supply of good food are a major plus.

BlackLine Magazine: What do you think sets BlackLine apart from other companies?

A deep connection to our customers, by virtue of being the first in this space, along with a culture of very hard-working people.

BlackLine Magazine: What is your team culture like?

The Product Management team at BlackLine is a wonderful group of incredibly smart and passionate people, with a strong culture of curiosity, great conversation, and empathy.

BlackLine Magazine: Tell us about your last team event.

It’s so important to stay connected as we now operate in this dispersed fashion, so our VP recently organized a series of virtual trivia happy hours for our team—complete with Zoom breakout rooms for critical strategizing.

BlackLine Magazine: What excites you most about your future at BlackLine and your career?

I’m very excited to see BlackLine grow and expand as a market leader and to be a part of its continued success.   

BlackLine Magazine: What are your thoughts about learning opportunities at BlackLine?

With an annual education credit and access to numerous online courses in various disciplines, among various other training and certifications, BlackLine provides a number of great opportunities for learning and professional development.

BlackLine Magazine: Have you taken any of the learning classes at BlackLine?

Over the past three years, I’ve taken a few online classes and participated in several employee-led workshops through BREW (BlackLine Resources for Women), one of our Employee Resource Groups.

BlackLine Magazine: What teams do you work with the most?

I work mostly with our Engineering counterparts, Support, and Implementations, along with various other teams internally.

BlackLine Magazine: What do you like most about LA?

I really enjoy the proximity to the nearby mountains and beaches. I find LA to be incredibly diverse, and I’m forever on the hunt for great vegetarian food in this city.

Some of my preferred activities include hiking, attending stand-up comedy shows and concerts, and exploring new restaurants and cideries. 

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