InTheBlack 2018: Experience the Power of the BlackLine Community


Good ideas take on a life of their own.

This is something I’ve been aware of for years as a “solutions developer,” and then saw exponentially at InTheBlack 2017. Good ideas are embraced, taken in new directions, and applied in ways that the original solution or idea didn’t anticipate or address.

We see quite a bit of this in the BlackLine Community.  A review of the ideas posted for any of the BlackLine products (Account Recs, Tasks, etc.), divided into categories like “Fixes,” “Enhancements,” “Add-Ons,” and “New Features” would quickly illustrate the point.

I mention this in the context of InTheBlack because there is rarely a discussion about a process or feature that doesn’t immediately elicit exciting discussions about tangential uses (or potential enhancements, modifications, and add-ons) of said feature.

Is this a bad outcome? Absolutely not!

Good solution providers welcome feedback about their work, opportunities to enhance their solutions, and new ideas to move towards.

Every BlackLine team member I spoke with at InTheBlack welcomed and even solicited new ideas. And attendees were given the opportunity to test drive ideas already being considered or developed.

The volume and complexity of these ideas can create challenges when choosing features and prioritizing development efforts, which requires communication with the user community. Users who are engaged with the solution providers can have a considerable impact on the direction and outcomes of those decisions.

Which brings us back to the Community. Keep the comments, questions, suggestions―and yes, even complaints, when applicable―flowing.

By using BlackLine solutions, we’ve already committed to working toward Continuous Accounting via automation. By staying engaged, we’re participating in the Accounting Revolution, which is already changing the very nature of how we work in our field.

By attending InTheBlack and contributing to the BlackLine Community, we’re participating in the evolution of great ideas!

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