How to Engage Employees on Your BlackLine Journey


When you begin the journey with BlackLine, you’re signing up for an exciting and rewarding path to an advanced and efficient organization. It can seem long and tiring and is often challenging for your team, but the end result is companywide success.

As you begin to implement process automation, it is important to keep the motivation level high and the rewards flowing. Collaboration is key to help promote ideas, cut down on non-value added time, and improve employee engagement.

Focus on creating an office environment that is unique, comfortable, and reflective of your brand. This is certainly not done overnight but instead, accomplished one step at a time.

Keep in mind your vision to promote a fun, inviting, and rewarding environment as you progress through your BlackLine processes. Your finance and accounting teams want to know that the work they are doing is being appreciated, so reward them with little things.

A few of the things we do for our teams is turn Crunch chocolate bars into “Crunchtime” bars when a deadline is approaching, and create Stress Relief packages for the more intense days, such as loading for the first time.

Your accountants want the opportunity to shine, which means giving them the ability to do what they do best as often as possible.  Avoid assigning tasks that simply don't match their skills. This is something that can not only lead to poor performance but will no doubt have a negative impact on their engagement.

Here are some ideas to increase employee engagement:

  • A Status-Goal-Reward board keeps the motivation level high, displaying progress as you advance on your journey

  • Create short, trackable goals

  • Encourage stronger employees to share best practices

  • Create a reward or points system within your organization

Good luck on your journey and remember, employee engagement is key to your success.