BlackLine’s February 2022 Roundup


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This monthly BlackLine update is published to keep you informed of customer success stories, upcoming events, helpful resources, best practices, and thought leadership from the leading cloud financial close solution.

In the News

TMI: Attracting Talent to Strengthen the Treasury Function

A recent global survey commissioned by BlackLine shows that a significant number of C-suite and finance executives plan to invest heavily in talent across the business over the next year. However, just 14% of CFOs surveyed said they are confident they currently have the expertise they need within the finance function.

A lack of technology experience tops many executives’ lists of talent concerns, with treasury traditionally relying on manual processes. But automation can free up strategic capacity and empower decision-making for treasury teams.

The key to success as we approach a post-recession recovery is to retain the right talent with both the right technology and financial experience.

Customer Story

JAFRA Cosmetics

Manual work and a lack of visibility into the month-end led to increased effort and risk for the JAFRA Cosmetics accounting team. Amid steady growth and increasing complexity, the accounting team sought a solution to enable standardization and efficiency.

“I scheduled presentations with three vendors. Everyone felt that BlackLine was the obvious solution. Unlike other platforms, with BlackLine, everything is in one place. We would gain an audit trail. And BlackLine’s interface is intuitive and a lot more pleasing to the eye,” said Nadia Doumler, senior accounting analyst at JAFRA.


BlackLine Magazine

Raising the Bar in Accounts Receivable by Changing the Culture

Reactive accounts receivable processes breed frustration and stress for AR professionals. Fed up with putting out fires, many teams are turning to technology and making the business case for digital transformation.

Creating time for value-added actions and implementing a solution that will ease the minds of both management and leadership begins with a clear plan that will drive results and get every member of the team invested.

Ultimately, changing the culture around change management enables teams to raise the bar on accounts receivable.

Best Practices

What BlackLine’s Collaborative Accounting Experience Brings to Finance Transformation


Announced last year, BlackLine’s Collaborative Accounting Experience aims to ease the challenge of change management by offering a growing portfolio of solution offerings and leading best practices for customers.

We recommend the following path for the best experience and value using BlackLine’s unified platform:

  1. Modern Accounting Playbook (MAP) solution—this core offering serves as the foundation for identifying your most pressing accounting issues.

  2. Accelerators—this on-demand service sits atop the MAP solution and provides packaged and prescriptive features to address your organization’s needs.

  3. Catalysts—targeted use case solutions to continue optimization and achieve operational excellence.