Better Together: How BlackLine + RPA + Other Technology = Finance Transformation

It’s hard to believe that BeyondTheBlack 2020 is already here and underway. It seems like forever ago that we were all together in Los Angeles at last years’ conference.

So much has transpired in 2020 that likely will forever alter the landscape of how we do business in the years to come. Virtual meetings, remote connectivity, and business continuity in the COVID era have only solidified the need for technologies like BlackLine in today’s business climate.

Some companies were forward-thinking in that they’d made investments already that helped ease the adjustments required for the new ‘normal,’ while others had the requirement thrust upon them to meet the ongoing needs of the business. Either way, technology is playing an even more important role in today’s finance and accounting functions than ever before.

I invite you to join our session with World Fuel Services at BeyondTheBlack, today at 1:00 pm PT.  Without spoiling the surprise (or boring you with an exact recap), Mayra Herrera, VP of Core Accounting at WFS will be exploring the considerations that she found key while helping lead her company and her teams on their Finance Transformation journey.

One of those considerations is to fully leverage the existing technology stack, regardless of what it includes, to ensure organizations are getting the most out of what they already own. Another is to empower teams to innovate, and to reevaluate how those teams provide support to the broader organization.

Better Together’ is our session title, and we’ll be weaving together how solutions like BlackLine, RPA, and others intersect to yield true end-to-end process automation.

If you or your organization would like to learn about the World Fuel Services journey, or how the Vaco team has helped literally hundreds and hundreds of clients on theirs, please join our session and then connect with us at our virtual booth at BeyondTheBlack 2020.