Highlights from

the 2020 Modern Accounting Virtual Experience

We’re already planning next year’s BeyondTheBlack!

Until then, we’ve curated some of the most popular

sessions from BeyondTheBlack 2020 to hold you over.

Make the Move
to Modern Accounting

2020 changed everything. It was an incredible test for finance and accounting teams everywhere. It has never been clearer that traditional manual accounting processes are not sustainable.

Hear from BlackLine’s CEO, Marc Huffman, as he explains why it’s time to move to modern accounting.

The 2020 Modern Accounting Awards

The Modern Accounting Awards honor the businesses and F&A leaders who have driven innovative approaches to accounting operations that deliver revolutionary results.


The Unifier

While moving to SAP® S/4HANA and in preparation for IFRS17, a global insurance company saw a 160% increase in reconciliations. Hear how they automated 98% of their certifications in BlackLine.


The Accelerator

This award winner saved more than 3,000 hours by automating 90% of their matches for their cash clearing process, and automated journal entry templates for payroll and bank recs.


The Closer

One of the largest healthcare companies saved 7,500 hours/year by reducing account reconciliation frequency and enabling a new risk ranking and materiality threshold framework.


The Modernizer

One CFO shares how his team modernized their financial close, working 200% more effectively, freeing up time, and proving that better data allows us to focus on creating business value.


The Transformer

One of the world’s largest healthcare conglomerates standardized BlackLine across five Global Business Services centers with thousands of users, completing the rollout of BlackLine Journals across 20 SAP systems.

Most Popular Sessions


Innovating Modern Solutions to
Legacy Accounting Challenges

BlackLine’s Chief Transformation Officer discusses overcoming traditional manual accounting with four innovative customers.


Building a Better Business Case
for Transformation

Manual accounting is not sustainable, but securing budget is hard. Learn how to get your executives on board with modern accounting.


A Better Way to Unify &
Reconcile Data

Discover how to automatically import, process, and match transaction data to eliminate the pain of manual reconciliations.


Customer Insights: Proactive
Accounting with Matching

Dun & Bradstreet has the use cases to prove how efficient and proactive accounting is achievable with BlackLine.


Close Faster by Optimizing Your
Journal Entry Process

See how the number of journal entries your organization books is directly correlated with the time it takes to close.


Selecting the Right Automation for
the Future of F&A Work

AI, RPA, or machine learning? Determine what type of automation is going to deliver the most value for your business.

Accounting is Fun


ASMR: Accounting Supplies for Meditation Routines

Some tips for finding peace and relaxation with the accounting tools of yesteryear.


Dance Off: Accounting vs. FP&A

Bosses on the dance floor and freaks in the spreadsheets. Who will win?


Mind, Budget, Soul.

Some ways to stay in tip top shape while you’re working the close. Step 1: Breathe. Step 2…